We seek to have booths set up across the Ryerson campus to spread awareness of the RWRC, provide education and registration for the ‘Walk A Mile In Her Shoes’ event, and for men at Ryerson to take the White Ribbon pledge…


The ‘Pledge’

Wearing a white ribbon is a personal pledge to never commit, condone or remain silent about violence against women and girls. Wearing a white ribbon is a way of saying, “Our future has no violence against women.

We are looking for people to join the Ryerson White Ribbon Campaign and help with the the work ahead this September.


The Ryerson White Ribbon Pledge Week runs from Monday September 14th to Friday September 18th. We will need some amazing people to

  • staff the booths during Pledge week, helping men take the pledge and give them their White Ribbon button
  • spread work of the Carlos Andres Gomez’s Behind the Masc: Defining Masculinity’  spoken word event Friday September 25th at 7pm in SCC 115  (Student Campus Centre, 55 Gould st) at Ryerson.
  • Spread awareness of the Walk A Mile In Her Shoes event, and register people for the event.

We also need folks to help volunteer to spread the word on campus for Walk A Mile in Her Shoes as well as help  on the day of the event. We want to get all 5 Ryerson faculties and as many student groups/course unions on board as possible, having representative walking to end violence against women.

Sign up to walk or volunteer, make a donation, challenge your friends – get involved!

Visit http://www.walkamiletoronto.org to register for the walk.

For more information, to connect with us and to volunteer write us at whiteribbon@ryerson.ca