Thank you for your support during the initial stages of building the Ryerson White Ribbon Campaign. The goal of our campaign is to have men and women work together to inspire men towards becoming part of the solution to violence against women. To do this, we seek to inspire our men to be of respect and honour.

Ryerson University is a leader for the future and its students are the future leaders.

The Ryerson White Ribbon Campaign works towards ensuring Ryerson brings forth men and women that society can be proud of, not just in their academic success, but contribution to society and excellence in character.

This is work that transcends the divides, that reaches across to every space and corner on our campus. From our talented students in the FCAD, to our dedicated Engineering and Science students, to our dynamic Business students and our brilliant Arts and Community Services students, we are a vibrant community. Let us work towards some Unity in our Community…and it should be around an issue that affects each and every one of us.

This movement is for everyone and speaks to everyone on our campus. Regardless of your faith/creed, race or ethnicity, sexual orientation, age or political affiliation.  We want to bring everyone together across our campus to unite around our core goal, making a better world for women and men.

For everyone. Together.

There are many contributing factors towards the current realities for women in society and the imbalances in power and privilege. One factor is the issue of poverty and how it affects women. Access to equal pay and the battle for true equity in the workplace and the boardroom is part of the struggle women face.

The Ryerson White Ribbon acknowledges that there are many efforts addressing the various factors that create inequities for women. While we remain focused on our mission to inspire all men to create change internally and then in turn, their respective communities and social circles, we encourage you to explore all efforts to address change.

Whether that is looking into supporting groups at Ryerson like the Women’s Centre, Women in Engineering, Ryerson Commerce Society’s RCS Cares, or support initiatives like the Coalition for Gun Control, fund raising efforts for the United Way or the Nov 5th Day of Action, we encourage you to explore how you individually wish to create change…

…and we hope you wear a White Ribbon while you do it.

Thank you for reading and we hope to see you all at the brief but powerful Vigil for the 20th Anniversary Dec 6th Memorial on December 4th in the Ryerson Quad at noon followed by the post-Memorial event in Oakham House.

Thank you and take care

Jeff Perera