Ryerson Residence Students, can we talk?

Ryerson White Ribbon Campaign’s  Blueprints for Change Presentations – Tuesday Nights at 8:30 in Pitman Hall 200

We have heard all the questions…

Is violence against women still an issue?
Why is it not just about stopping violence in general? How does the bullying of LGBT youth affect everyone else?
What does Homophobia and Transphobia have to do with violence against women?
What does the violence have to do with me?

Come out Tuesday nights for the Ryerson White Ribbon Campaign’s  Blueprints for Change Presentations.

A multimedia discussion space where we will discuss the pressures facing Men and Women in today’s society
and how it affects all our lives and various relationships.


Tuesday evenings at 8:30pm in Pitman Hall Room 200

Tues Oct 19 – Upper Pit
Tues Oct 26 – Mid Pit
Tues Nov 2 – Low Pit
Tues Nov 9 – Upper ILLC
Tues Nov 16 – L’Okeefe


The Ryerson White Ribbon Campaign works to end violence against women and inspire men to be the best versions of themselves. We don’t seek to blame or shame men, but encourage them to become part of a change affecting the lives of both men and women.

for more information or to contact us

Email – whiteribbon@ryerson.ca
Twitter – twitter.com/ryewhiteribbon
Facebook: Ryerson White Ribbon Campaign