On This National Day of Remembrance and Action to End Violence Against Women….Take a moment today to listen or share.

As Men need to listen to the stories across this city, nation and world, the everyday realities for women and girls. Allow for your mind & ears to become a space for true hearing and listening. Listen to the voices & experiences of those you know, you don’t know or those the world never got to know…like the over 600 Aboriginal women missing or feared dead in Canada. Listen and encourage others to listen, and share your experiences, share your acknowledgment, your renewed vision to make a difference in your own life, and the lives of those around you. Refuse to remain silent, speak out against all forms of violence against women. Silence is Violence.

And to our Women, please take a moment to share with us, whether it is your story, your realities or those of your fellow sisters, find your voice as speak up and speak out. Silence is Violence. Do not be afraid of speaking out in fear of being labelled a feminist, for those people you fear would label you, already have made up their minds about you…when you speak out against inequality, share your personal story of injustice or refuse to remain silent: You Are a Feminist.

Lets work together to recreate every space as a space where we can listen and share. Don’t silence your voice, you are a future-changer…and agent of change.

Listen and Share this December 6th. We remember #AFutureWithoutViolence


Join us for our event tonight:

Change Starts With Us – Media Rich Discussion event with NFB MEdiatheque & Ryerson White Ribbon Campaign and the White Ribbon Campaign


December 6, 1989: The Day Canada Changed Forever
by Michael Kaufman

The White Ribbon Campaign