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Our Mission

The Ryerson White Ribbon Campaign (RWRC) works to engage men in ending men’s violence against women and inspire them to be the best versions of themselves. We don’t seek to blame or shame men, but encourage them to become part of a change affecting the lives of both men and women.

RWRC is a coalition of Students, Staff and Faculty that seeks to engage men at Ryerson to critically examine their roles and responsibility in the issue, and then recognize the many ways in which they can become part of change and part of the solution.

The ‘Pledge’

Wearing a white ribbon is a personal pledge to never commit, condone or remain silent about violence against women and girls. and is a way of saying, “Our future has no violence against women.

The Ryerson White Ribbon Campaign Declaration

The Ryerson White Ribbon Campaign is made of men and women working side by side respectfully toward a shared goal, to create a future with No violence against Women. The RWRC is being built from the ground up with the diversity of the Ryerson community at its core.

We speak many languages and reflect the diverse peoples of the world and their various beliefs and religions/creeds, cultures, physical abilities, and sexual and gender identities. We are Aboriginal and First Nations peoples, immigrants, and ones whose ancestors moved across the planet. We are daughters and sons, fathers and mothers, brothers and sisters, partners and lovers.

We are united us in our strong outrage at the inequity that still plagues the lives of women and girls, and the self-destructive demands we place on boys and men in society. What also brings us together is a powerful sense of hope, expectation, and realization of the capacity of the men at Ryerson University to change, to care, to cherish, to love passionately, and to work towards justice for all.

We are outraged by the pandemic of violence that women face at the hands of some men, by the relegation of women to second class status, and the continued domination by men of our economies, of our politics, of our social and cultural institutions, and in far too many of our homes. We also know that among women there are those who fare even worse because of their social class, their religion, their language, their physical differences, their ancestry, their sexual orientation, or simply where they live.

There are severe impacts on men from the ways our societies have systemically defined men’s power and raised boys to be men. Boys deny their humanity in search of an armor-plated masculinity. Many men cause terrible harm to themselves because they deny their own needs for physical and mental care or lack services when they are in need.

Too many men suffer because our male-dominated world is not only one of power of men over women, but of some groups of men over others.  Too many men carry the deep scars of trying to live up to the impossible demands of manhood, resulting in violence and self-destructive behaviour. Too many men are stigmatized and punished for the simple fact they love, desire and have sex with other men. Too many women and men experience violence at the hands of other men.

The time when women stood alone in speaking out against discrimination and violence is coming to an end.

The time is now for men and women to work together to engage our men at Ryerson University in joining in on speaking out against the violence. We know how critical it is that institutions traditionally controlled by men reshape their policies and priorities to support gender equality and the well-being of women, children, and men…and we know that a critical part of that is to reshape the world, the beliefs and the lives of men.